3 Fun Bridal Wreath Bush Decorating Ideas

What do you picture when you think of a rose? You likely envision a deep red bud, with petals encircling each other and spines running along the stem. This perennially popular plant, treasured as a symbol of romance and beauty, is actually just one species of rose.

In truth, the Rosaceae family encompasses thousands of different flowers. All of them can be just as beautiful as the famed crimson rose, both in its own right and as a decoration. One of our personal favorites is the bridal wreath bush. In this article, we’ll explore the decorative possibilities of this underrated plant.

What is Bridal Wreath Bush?

Bridal wreath bush, also known as Spirea aprunifolia or bridal wreath spirea, can be found growing naturally in the countries and islands of East Asia. As with many members of the rose family, the stems of this plant are laden with spiny outgrowths that scratch unaware passersby’s knees and ankles. For this reason, deer and rabbits avoid feeding on it.

This condition is ideal for gardeners who want to see it blossom in the spring. When it reaches maturity, the plant bursts into cascades of small white flowers, with branches arching outward from the center. Their appearance evokes the image of a bride in Western traditions, hence its English moniker.

Another aspect of the bridal wreath bush’s biography that makes it amenable to cultivation is its weather resistance. The shrub is capable of surviving in warm and temperate climates alike. Despite its specific geographical origins, it now grows in many parts and latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.

Decorating with Bridal Wreath Bush

Horticultural information and gardening recommendations are all well and good, but what about decoration? Bridal wreath bushes are not as popular for floral arrangements and home décor as some of its Rosaceae cousins. We contend that it should be and that many would agree after just one look at the flower in bloom.

Weddings seem like an obvious occasion for bridal wreath bush decorations. The white petals perfectly complement the color scheme of the ceremony. With that said, white goes well with everything. You should feel free to use it for year-round décor or other events.

A surprisingly common concern in certain parts about outdoor floral decorations is the grazing habits of local wildlife. No one wants to set up an elaborate arrangement, only for rabbits and deer and other herbivores to enjoy it as a meal. As we noted before, plant-eating fauna tends to avoid bridal wreath spirea because of the thorns. In fact, what the flowers do tend to attract are butterflies. Just be careful about keeping it close to the ground, where people can get scratches from the spines.

Ideas for DIY Decorations

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, we can help. Here are just a few of the many fun ways you can decorate with bridal wreath bush plants:

  • Table Centerpieces

Floral arrangements can be as complex in their design and construction as inserting hundreds of clippings, one by one, into towering ziggurat displays. Fortunately for the pressed-for-time and inexperienced, it can also be as simple as placing a few choice flowers in a vase.

We know that the concept is hardly revolutionary, but bridal wreath bushes make for great centerpieces. Their stems naturally curve into arches, with the flowers themselves drooping appealingly. If you arrange enough of them in a vase so that they bend in all directions on all sides, you get a memorable decoration.

Now imagine how great it’d look if centerpieces like that occupy every table at the wedding reception. That’d call for a lot of flowers and containers, but the result would be dazzling and ideal.

  • Actual Wreaths

This one should also seem rather obvious, given the name of the flower. Just about any plant can be woven into a wreath, provided that you have enough of them. It takes some skill and patience, but if you work hard enough, you can bend and tie the stems together into a beautiful floral ring. The fact that bridal wreath branches are already bent should make the project easier.

There’s no need to worry about the blossoms as you construct the wreath — just focus on creating a tightknit structure. Once you have something cohesive and wreath-shaped, take some stalks with actual flowers and insert them into any openings you can find. Turn the wreath around, then tie the bottom of the stem around a piece of branch. That way, it won’t come off.

Wreaths are commonly associated with Christmas, but the winter holiday season isn’t the only occasion where you can use them. Spirea wreaths are ideal for weddings at any time of the year. The presence of flowers also makes them good for celebrating the onset of spring, the season when the plant typically blooms.

  • Floral Pergolas

Imagine that it’s the big day: the outdoor wedding, a huge springtime backyard birthday party, a Vernal Equinox celebration in the moonlight, or something else. A great way to set the atmosphere is to have guests enter under a floral pergola. These structures are shaped like arches and often adorned with blossoms and greenery.

You might already know where this is going. Bridal wreath bushes complement pergolas quite well with their own curvature. You could arrange them to flow with the bend of the archway. Some can even stick out, creating a more natural overgrown look. Either way, the effect can be quite vivid, serving as a gateway where guests can leave the world behind for a while.

Shop for Bridal Wreath Bushes Here

Bridal wreath bushes are rarely anyone’s first choice for flower-based decorations. The only reason we can conceive of why is that most people just don’t know about them. These beautiful plants can make for lovely adornments, both on special occasions and around the house. If you want to try using some in your own projects, Impressive Enterprises, Inc. can supply you with beautiful stalks. You can order them, along with many other beautiful flowers, at our online store.

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