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Established in 1998, Impressive Enterprises, Inc. has been a trusted destination for quality Seasonal Holiday Products, Silk Florals, Home Decor, and Gifts. Whether they are stylish home decor items, elegant silk floral arrangements, or charming seasonal holiday products, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of products at competitive prices.

Exclusively for Trade Professionals

Impressive Enterprises, Inc. specializes in serving trade professionals and businesses. Whether you're a retailer, interior designer, florist, or event planner, we recognize your specific needs and provide customized solutions to exceed your expectations.

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Discover our carefully curated collections in person by visiting one of our permanent showrooms.

Impressive Enterprises-Corporate office
4925 Cash Road
Dallas, Texas 75247
214-630-8828 (9am-5pm CST)
fax: 214-630-8823

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