Make an ornament wreath in just 4 steps

No festival is complete without beautiful home decors. And that is why; we keep bringing to our readers interesting DIY home décor ideas that are both easy and pocket-friendly. 

Ornaments wreath; the beauty!

Who doesn’t love ornament wreaths, right? What’s amazing about ornament wreaths is that these can be crafted perfectly with the right ornaments, color combination, and a few tips on how to design them. They add to the aesthetics of any decoration. They have been a part of centuries-old traditions and are still in use. Making an ornament wreath is not a difficult task. You can learn more about it on our website here.

Are you looking for ways to create an ornament wreath? Do you want to use your creative skills to make a wreath this holiday season? Well, you are just at the right place. There’s a refreshing charm in decor during festive times. Be it Christmas, New Year’s, or a birthday celebration, we cannot do without that wreath hanging beautifully on the wall adjacent to the door. 

These are made from straw or foam and you can easily procure a wreath from any corner store. Beyond attaching garlands or tinsel, what makes a remarkable wreath is putting together ornaments that lay in forgotten corners of your house. And once you make an ornament wreath, it will instantly shower the magic you’ve been waiting for.

If you love being at your innovative best, then nothing is more exciting than making an ornament wreath. However, apart from the wreath and a few basic utilities, you will need attractive ornaments that can be attached to it. Impressive Enterprises offers a wide array of ornaments for this purpose. With these fantastic ornaments, you can design the most wonderful wreath for your home on Christmas or any other event.

How much time would it take?

Around 30-40 minutes

What’s the cost of a DIY ornament wreath?

Depends mainly on the types of ornaments used. The cost will be comparatively very less than a ready-made wreath.

What would I need?

  1. 16” straw/ foam wreath
  2. Wide tinsel garland (set of 2)
  3. U-pins/ glue
  4. Decorative ornaments as per choice
  5. 20-gauge wire
  6. Wirecutter

Step 1. Make the Wreath

Take a 20-gauge wire and wrap it around the wreath to create the hanging loop. Decide the length as per your requirement. Then, cut the wire smoothly. The next step is to wrap tinsel garland around the wreath. Go all the way to the end of the wreath and seal it with U-pins or glue at the back.

Step 2. Pin the Ornaments

This is the most intricate step yet the most exciting one. You must work on the wreath part by part. Divide the wreath into various sections and start pinning the ornaments in sequence. Decide on the color sequence of the ornaments before you pin them into the wreath to avoid the hassle. 

The best thing is that you can customize the colors and ornaments designs to showcase your creativity. Now, pin the bulbs one by one. These must stick securely into the ornaments. You could also use hot glue if you think that the pins aren’t stable.

You can shop from Impressive Enterprises and choose from a myriad of collections of ornaments.

Step 3. Filler time

You must start from the edge and reach the core of the wreath. Work your way out from edge to edge with all the ornaments, keeping them tightly against the wreath. If you feel that any ornament does not add to what you were expecting, you can always make changes while you are at it. As and when you progress, you will be smiling with joy looking at what you would be creating!

Step 4. The outcome

Once you’re done making the ornament wreath, it is going to lift your mood. Hang it in some corner of your home and give it the place it deserves. You can also use strings to create a pretty design like a bow to paste it on top. Wreaths can also be gifted to friends and family during festivals. What’s more? Once the festivities are over, you could save your wreath for another celebration. This way, it could be used for many years as decor.

Where to find the amazing ornaments for your wreath?

You could find these in any store in your locality. Or else just browse our online store, Impressive Enterprises. Our store is a leading name for seasonal holiday products, festive decor, home decor, gifts, and many more. We offer innumerable attractive ornaments and other items required for your DIY ornament wreath. We understand that customers look for things that are relevant yet unique. 

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We hope this blog will be beneficial for you when you decide to try your hands on a DIY ornament wreath. With all the DIY décor ideas and our awesome products to make your decorations easy, we bet you can’t just wait for the holiday season to arrive. Hence, without any further delay check out our products, choose your favorite pick, and make your purchases and be the first one to grab the products in stock. 

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