When you hear the term "Christmas decorations," you likely think of two things. One is the bulbous and brightly colored ornament that traditionally hangs from the limbs of the Christmas tree. The other is the classic wreath, a ring of carefully woven branches that often greet guests at the doorway. Of course, wreaths do not just have to be made from pine or holly, and ornaments are not necessarily exclusive to trees.

Ornament wreaths can be a beautiful addition to any set of holiday decorations, and making an ornament wreath is that crafty folks can do themselves. You can likely find wreath forms made from foam or straw at your local crafts shop. The difference is that attaching strands of tinsel or garlands with a hot glue gun is not the end. You can then use U-pins to hook your old ornaments into the wreath. They can be densely packed together, and the combination can be as colorful as you like.

Making an ornament wreath requires more than just the know-how. You also need the ornaments themselves. If you want to save the ones you own for your Christmas tree, you can find plenty more right here at Impressive Enterprises. We offer lovely sets of ornaments and other decorations that can spice up your holiday.

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