10 Marketing Tips For Selling Christmas Decorations Online
Everyone has a skill. Some can paint, some are great at math, some write poetry and some can make Christmas decorations. When you are young they tell you to learn more about the things you are good at and especially interested in because a career that allows you to utilize those skills could be very rewarding. The ability to create something different and then make a profit from your efforts is a great thing. 

Every year, tens of thousands of people try to turn their skillset into something they can use to generate money online. Last year, a record number of online businesses were started and the trend is continuing this year as well. People want to try their hand at the entrepreneurial spirit and building a following via online marketing is key. Here are some affordable ways to get started with selling your Christmas decorations online. 

1. Get social: Any business that wants to reach consumers online needs to start with social media. Users spend over 4 hours a day on there and you can reach them in multiple ways, including organically. 
2. Get a website: Website platforms offer an affordable way to build your online presence. Even if you do not want to do direct sales through your site, make sure that you have a site that consumers can visit. 
3. List the website on several sites: There are several listing sites including Google that can rank your business on important key terms. Many of these sites are free and offer a great way to reach consumers organically who are looking for the products you are selling. 
4. Make accounts on e-commerce sites: There are dozens of e-commerce sites you should prepare to work with. Regardless of their commission for any sales you make or monthly fees, these platforms already have millions of consumers who regularly visit their site. You need to make sure that you are on there so that you can market to those consumers. 
5. Try to join social groups: Social media is great but social groups are even better. There are DIY enthusiasts and groups that share tips on building decorations from home. This is a great place to share content but stay away from sharing promotional stuff. 
6. Focus on content: Content will be your best friend. A great piece of content will organically generate traffic and sales for years. This includes images, videos, blogs and newsletters. 7. 7. Create a monthly newsletter: Speaking of a newsletter, if you are offering new or discounted products you can easily and affordably reach out to people already familiar with your brand. Emailing them a monthly newsletter is a great way to keep yourself in the consumer’s minds and update them on new options. 
8. Spare no expense on safety and ease of use: When it comes to your site and consumer information you need to make sure that there are no issues with their experience and the safety of their information. If consumers are frustrated with your site or do not feel like their information is safe there, you can easily lose purchases. 
9. Don’t wait until December: While you do sell a great variety of Christmas decorations online, you are also trying to reach a DIY audience. If you are looking to build an audience that will lead to regular sales, yes, December may be your best month of business but it is not the month you should start marketing in. People are bombarded with ads at the end of the year so showing them content and getting them familiar with your brand will be easier and more affordable if you start months earlier. 
10. Learn how to optimize your site: Your site is going to have dozens to thousands of unique items that people will have an interest in. While they may not know your site, they will know the Christmas decorations they want and when they search online, you want to be on page one. 

There are literally dozens of ways to market to consumers online. People will always have an interest in Christmas decorations, especially with DIY enthusiasts. If that is your target audience, the only way to get them to your site on a recurring basis is to present them with content that they will have an interest in. Show them ways you create the decorations or things they can do to improve their decorating efforts. The more they get used to your content, the more likely your marketing efforts in the later months of the year will be rewarded with sales on your site.

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