Sir Walter Scott once wrote, "We build statues of snow and weep when they melt." Perhaps he was thinking of how people tend to believe that everything currently in their lives is permanent, an illusion that is inevitably broken. Or perhaps he had just built a really good snowman and was sad to see it as a puddle later. Either way, the point remains: you just cannot count on snowmen to last.

Homemade snowman decorations, on the other hand, may prove more enduring. You can make your own in many different ways. One approach is to carefully cut three circles from white construction paper, tape them from the back, and punch a hole for the string. Another is to place cotton balls, stuffing, or even glitter into a clear ornament ball and glue black buttons to the outside. However you go about making them, they can survive to decorate your tree and home for multiple holiday seasons.

Impressive Enterprises offers a wide variety of materials, including ornament balls, that are ripe for DIY Christmas crafting projects. If you want to make some homemade snowman decorations with little ones and loved ones, we can help. Feel free to browse our diverse selection and find some great ideas — and the tools to make them real.

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